Crew management

DGS is able to provide a full range of crew management services for all maritime sectors such as:

  • crew planning, recruitment and manning
  • interviewing, screening and selection
  • pool management and retention
  • inspection of licenses and validity of STCW certificates
  • English language and computer skills testing
  • travel arrangements (organizing trips, booking airline tickets, etc.)
  • applying for visa and other documents (flag state documentation, joining port visa)
  • arrangements for medical and fitness examinations
  • training need analysis and assessment
  • support in crew training and certification
  • customized in-house trainings & workshops
  • introductory information about Company’s forms and manuals
  • providing documentation and pre-departure briefing for the candidates
  • sign-off debriefing
  • custom-made cadetship programs
  • uniforms and working gear
  • payroll & administration services 
  • etc.

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