1. We inform you that the Company uses cookies on its website.

2. Cookies are text files stored on a website visitor computer. We use cookies to ensure the functionality of all Internet portal functions that are necessary for the normal functioning of the website and without which it is not possible to access the website. Such Cookies cannot be excluded or deleted because the pages would not function properly without them. However, the mentionedcookies (ASP.NET Sessionld) do not store any Personal data, but only the technical information necessary for the correct operation of the website. This cookie last for 60 minutes.

3. In addition to the Cookies that are required for the website's operation, the Company also uses Cookies that allow the recognition of the user when visiting the website again, for the purpose of customizing certain content specifically for youand for the website analysis we use analysis software to analyze the use of the site. The Company thus acquires valuable knowledge of the needs of its users, with the aim of improving the quality of its services.

4. The aforementioned analysis software also collects and stores some technical data, including the IP address of the user. Personal data collected by these cookies is: cookie consent - CookieWarningAgreed, a cookie connecting a cart with unregistered user - CartStorageID, the registered user selected "Remember me" when signing in to the system - IntranetUserld; the user voted on the poll - PollAnswered˂ID˃ and information that the user gave a rating on something so he/she could not repeat it (encrypted cookie content) -Rating˂Name web.

5. Cookies from the previous item have the following duration:

CookieWarningAgreed: 90 days;

CartStorageID: 90 days or custom setting;

IntranetUserId: 90 days;

PollAnswered <Poll ID>: Does not expire;

Rating <Name of the web>: Does not expire.

6. You may also find third-party cookies (such as Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.) on the website, as well as advertising cookies and similar links, which may also collect certain Personal data about you. These cookies are not set up or controlled by the Company. For more information on how a Third party uses cookies and how you can manage them, please visit the appropriate third-party websites. The Third-party cookies used on the website are: Google Analytics - a metering service.

7. Analysis cookies, third-party cookies, advertising cookies, and similar cookies can be stored on your computer only with your explicit consent. You can either turn off or delete such cookies by using the appropriate settings on your browser.

8. Manage your cookies by selecting settings from your browser menu. You can always withdraw your cookie consent in the same manner by selecting settings in your browser menu.

9. Most web browsers accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser settings to reject new cookies, disable existing ones, or simply notify you when new cookies are sent to your device.

10. To set up your browser to refuse cookies, see the help provided by the browser provider (otherwise found in the "Help", "Tools" or "Edit" menus).

11. Please note that certain page functionality may be lost if you decline or disable cookies. In addition, disabling cookies or cookie categories does not delete the cookie from your browser. You have to do this yourself in the browser menu.

12. Your Personal data collected through cookies is not shared with third parties without your express consent. This data is kept permanently by Google Analytics, and the user can delete them whenever he/her wants.

13. You can find the rights of the Data Subject and other information regarding Personal data that is collected by cookies in the Privacy Notice.

14. Any changes to this Notice will be communicated to the users at www.dgs.hr.

15. Shouldyou have any questions regarding this Notice, please contact us at: cv@dgs.hr.