RKS merging with NRS

Dear seafarers,

As you already know, RKS is an entity of Norddeutsche Vermögen Group of Companies from Hamburg and so is another shipping company called Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt, or shortened NRS.
In February 2011 RKS will move to Hamburg and in the course of the year RKS will merge with NRS under the name of NRS.

The combined fleet will have 76 vessels and it will be divided in the so-called Fleet Groups starting with letters A to E.

All the vessels that were a part of RKS Fleet will be split into Fleet Group D & Fleet Group E.

What does the merger mean for you as a seafarer? Will there be any changes?
The answer is that there will be no major changes.
SCS (Schlueter Crewing Services) will continue to operate and your contact persons will remain the same, Mr. Schoene, Mr. Zilske, Mr. Hoeftmann, Mrs. Gundelach and others. Furthermore, Mr. Wulf and Mr. Schultz will continue to take care of Safety and Security Management.
The only change at the moment is the new logo you need to get used to.
For more information about NRS please visit http://www.norddeutsche-reederei.de/

Thank you,

Respectfully yours DGS